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Classification of Wooden Beam Structures

Time:2024-04-22      Click:20

According to its stress mode and characteristics, wooden beam structures can be divided into the following types.

1. Static wooden beam structure

Static wooden beam structure refers to the state where the internal forces and reactions of each component are in static equilibrium when the external forces are in equilibrium. This structure usually adopts a serrated mortise and tenon connection method, which has good fixation and is suitable for connecting beams, columns, wall panels, etc. in conventional buildings.

2. Power wooden beam structure

Dynamic wooden beam structure refers to a type of structure that undergoes deformation due to external forces, resulting in inertial and elastic reactions. Its characteristic is that it can withstand impacts caused by external forces such as vibrations, and is commonly used in engineering fields such as bridges and towers.

3. Buckled wooden beam structure

Buckling wood beam structure refers to a type of structure formed by bonding fiberboard or thin wooden boards on the load-bearing surface of the beam. This structure has the characteristics of high strength, simple construction, and convenient construction, and is widely used in the beams, columns, mortise and tenon components of wooden buildings.

The above are some common classifications of wooden beam structures, each with different characteristics and applicable ranges. By understanding these classifications, suitable wooden beam structures can be selected more scientifically in practical engineering applications, achieving better results.

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