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Amish New Material Technology Co.

Address: No.58 of Wood Industry Park,Guanhu Town,Pizhou,Jiangsu,China

Tel:+86 13815388938



Company profile

Amish New Material Technology specializes in the production of high-quality laminated veneer lumber. It offers a wide range of products including LVL beams, Joist,Studs, Scaffold Planks,Garage door headers, Concrete forming boards, Primed stair stringers, countertop plywood.

Amish laminated veneer lumber beams, headers and columns are industry-leading in flexural strength and E-values for carrying heavy loads with minimal weight,providing better performance and longer spans in structural applications. The longest span reaches 48 feet. It offers the best overall value in multiple widths and depths for residential, light commercial, or multifamily residential projects. Amish laminated veneer lumber is available in 2.0 E and 2.1 E product grades.

All wood used is subjected to rigorous preliminary processing and grade sorting to ensure that our products meet the quality of the veneer approved by the process manual.

Each batch of products undergoes strict laboratory testing and online testing. All products are marked with the production date and strength indication to ensure that the products are used within the safe range and to achieve traceability of product quality.


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